Hire A Qualified DUI Firm

10 important questions you should consider before hiring “A DUI Attorney”

1. FSE’s:   Are you a NHTSA-Certified Instructor of Field Sobriety Exercises (FSE’s) ?

If not, are you at least NHTSA - trained in FSE’s or do you have NHTSA certified Instructors who work with you?

2.   Breath testing: Are you certified to operate the Intoxilyzer 8000 – Florida’s new Breath testing machine?

If not, do you have other members of your law firm who are? Do you know what to look for? If BLOOD test, are you familiar with these procedures?

3.  Training:   Do you attend National DUI Training regularly?

If not, when is the last time you attended any National Training, or any other DUI training for that matter?

4. Investigation:   Do you have an “in-house” Investigator with DUI Training Certification that will review my case as well?

If not, will you be the only person to review and prepare my case? 

5. DMV:    Do you truly understand the DMV hearing process and how important it is to fighting my criminal charge?

 If not, how do you plan to defend me?

6.   Do you ever go to the scene?

6.  Do you ever go to the scene where the traffic violation and stop occurred, or where FSE’s were performed (or have an investigator that will go and video and/or photograph it)? If not, couldn’t we be losing valuable information or evidence to help defend me?

7.   Will you keep me fully-informed?

7.  Will you keep me fully-informed about my case throughout your representation and provide me a copy of everything? 

8.   DUI Questionnaire – Do you have an extensive DUI Questionnaire for me to complete?

If not, how do you get all of the information that you may need from me. You don’t wait until the case is set for jury trial (way too late) to start asking me about what truly happened that night, about medical problems and mitigation, or about how this DUI will really affect me, do you?

9.  FIGHT DUI:    Do you Fight DUI charges to WIN?

Or, do you regularly plea your clients out to a DUI charge within the first 2-3 court appearances? Do you do anything else besides just review the State’s Evidence against me and ask for a lesser charge? Do you go and seek out additional information, like 911 tapes, dispatch recordings, video recordings, color booking photos, officer’s internal affair’s (IAD) file or training records, or demand all maintenance records for the intoxilyzer, just for example?

10.  FEES & COSTS:

Have you been completely up front and fully explained everything to me about your fees and costs of representation?   I won’t be surprised later will I?   I won’t receive unexpected bills will I or large bills for “costs” that were never explained to me?

We are a Law Firm of Military Veterans who pride ourselves on representing clients the way that clients expect to be represented! While many people may have negative beliefs about lawyers, we strive to ensure that you get what you deserve – and that’s excellent representation throughout the DUI process. We understand that DUI Defense is unlike other criminal defense work because of the many unique, unusual and subjective evidentiary issues which are presented. We understand that for our “firm” (not just one attorney) to truly “practice” DUI Defense we have to be specially trained and dedicated to it.
We learned early on that to be effective at DUI Defense we had to be aggressive and handle DUI cases DAILY!  We couldn’t just dabble in it, we had to make it a primary focus. It’s not unusual for one of our DUI Attorneys to handle 6 or 7 DUI hearings or more in just one (1) day - across 2 or 3 counties even! We want your case to WIN! 



WE UNDERSTAND that your livelihood is virtually in our hands!

WE UNDERSTAND that our reputation is on the line!

WE UNDERSTAND that our success is necessary for
our continued growth!